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  • This agreement is between / and any web user of these two websites. Inclusive of individual members and businesses. This is effective for all new users starting from October 2013 and upon acceptance of our terms and conditions. The user must accept all our terms and conditions before using this site including our private policy.
  • You must not use our website for the following:
  • Incorrect inaccurate categories or area of services
  • Breach or violating any laws including local laws, including restricted or prohibited items such as drugs, alcohol, guns and so on.
  • Under the age of 18
  • Failure to respect the transaction contract e.g. failure to pay for purchase or failure to deliver the items to buyer after the payment is made.
  • Hacking (all types) or price tamper or any web crime such as gaining financial benefits illegally by gaining illegal access to other members details and violating our privacy agreement
  • Unprofessionalism by advertising misleading and false deals (deals too good to be true to gain financial benefits) 
  • Spamming or posting of pages that contain links to your site or link farming.
  • Privacy policy. We will not provide your personal information or details to any third party unless by court order. We encourage other members and user to honour our privacy policy
  • Copyright law must be honoured therefore do not post images or material that are protected by copyright law and you don’t have the right to it. Professionalism must be maintained at all times.
  • You may report any issue to us such as unprofessional conducts, illegal and any types of abuse.
  • All fees must be pay including sponsored links and other advertising. However all members can list their business for free and also can sell services and products for free.
  • Please read our help section to learn more how to protect yourself from internet crimes. Ecommercelocal is not liable for any transaction or trading occurred. By accepting user agreement the member or user cannot at any circumstances hold Ecommercelocal responsible for Fraud, copyright law, internet crimes, pornography, drugs and other illegal activities. Trading on this site is purely your responsibility. This site is designed to offer online shopper a confidence by reading the feedback and other information about the total businesses on this site.
  • We may provide information related to illegal activities such as internet crimes to authorities after court order.
  • The user will indemnify us for any breach of agreement including legal fees, and other damage cost to us.
  • Breaching our user agreement may result in account cancellation or account disabling. The period could be temporary or even permanent.